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Expert Sourcing

Sourcing is a constantly evolving field. As the market and regulations change, sourcing the right products becomes increasingly more difficult. Our analytical approach to worldwide, sustainable sourcing alleviates lack-of-availability and regulatory concerns.

We know that providing supply chain services ultimately creates a more efficient workflow for you and your customers. Our positive socio-environmental impacts benefits everyone involved in the lifecycle of the products we source.

Dedicated Analytics

Understanding that our clients are experts in their fields, we offer our research team to provide in-depth financial and data services as an extension to their existing organizations.

Whether you are entering a new market, determining price points, or simply needing an outside perspective to bounce an idea off of, our resources are at your disposal.

Worldwide Relationships

Traveling is fun, but meeting people isn’t easy! Our clients are able to work within our network of trusted partners in nearly every corner of the world.

There is no reason to limit product sourcing; our global perspective allows clients to collaborate with regional, domestic, or international manufacturers.

Dedicated Design Team

All products tell a story — what is yours saying? Product design is much more than simple regulatory compliance. Ensure your message is delivered by collaborating with our design team to develop a high quality, expertly crafted product image.

In-house design allows our clients to quickly adapt their product packaging and imagery without the need of spending additional resources on external professional services. We are as involved as you need — from simple concept Q and A’s to turn-key product designs.

Personalized Service

Business is personal. We take the time to learn about each of our clients’ businesses, their values, and their goals. Partnering with the right manufacturer is vital when creating or sourcing a new product.

We don’t want any friction between our clients and their partners; this is a core value of our firm. We don’t hire account executives — and we never will.

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